Helping To Heal
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 Never give up.  Just ask Keisha Callins.  Find out from a Black American female view what it takes to finish medical school and be a doctor.

After graduating from college after a tough struggle of four grueling years, she was not accepted into all of the medical schools she applied to.  Discouraged but not defeated, Ms. Callins rebounded.  She applied to the Masters in Public Health and was accepted at a top academic center.  After getting a MPH degree, she re-applied to medical school and got in.  This is her story of enormous perserverance, planning and persistence in the face of challenges.  She kept going forward and her efforts were greatly rewarded.  She wouldn't take no for an answer.  Now at the Morehouse School of Medicine, working toward a degree in pediatric medicine, she talks passionately about her rocky road, filled with hurdles and obstacles.

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Helping To Heal

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