In Medical Science / Presents Black Achievers in Public Health
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The kind of deep coverage of Black professionals in science and medicine is missing from the national media scene. We took it upon ourselves at History On Video, since it's our responsibility to report on serious issues involving us and meet the challenge head-on by covering the top Black minds today in science and technology at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The two bright Black men featured represent the best in academic and professional credentialization that you can have.  Bill Jenkins, Ph.D., MPH. and Walter Williams, MD, MPH, discuss their specific duties at CDC.  They also tell you the steps they took to prepare themselves academically and professionally to hold down their current high-level positions in this competitive industry.  Their academic and professional preparation is second to none.  Harvard Medical School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Morehouse College.  It doesn't get any tighter than this!  Sit back and enjoy watching Black men demonstrating academic and professional achievement at the highest levels.  Viewers get vital information to prepare for successfully careers in epidemiology and medical research.

Total Run Time:  Approximately 75 minutes


25 minutes of Extra Programs

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In Medical Science / Presents Black Achievers in Public Health

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