March for Justice / The Genarlow Wilson Story
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Over  2,000  people  marched  in Douglas  County  in  support  of the  release  of  Genarlow  Wilson  from  prison for  engaging  in  consensual  oral  sex   with  a 15-year-old  girl  in  2003.   Wilson  was  17  at  the  time. This  incredible  news  coverage  has  interviews  with people  in  the  march  as  they  walk  from  the Douglasville  High  School  to  the  Douglas County  Courthouse  for  major coverage of  a  moving rally. Wilson’s  case  has  received  major  national  and  international news  coverage. March  and  Rally  sponsored  by  the  NAACP. Sen. Ford  and  Rep.  Brooks  and  other  leaders  address  this  issue. Influential  people  all  over  are  calling  for  Wilson’s  immediate  release. President   Jimmy   Carter  and  Cong.  John  Lewis   also  believe Wilson should be freed.

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March for Justice / The Genarlow Wilson Story

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