Medical Science Careers
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 Black medical school students from all over the nation represented to the fullest at a national medical science symposium in Atlanta.  Believe me this is one of the best programs ever assembled, showcasing the academic and professional excellence of Black students at historically Black colleges and universities. The interviews we gathered of Black articulating their vision and plans for the future are really amazing!  Watch Black men and women discuss why they are entering the health professions in the 21st century. Find out why they are preparing for a takeover to make necessary adjustments they strongly believe have to happen now and in the future.  This program brings the hot fire, from a Black focus about why it's their time to shine!  And take medical science to the next level of academic and professional excellence as THEY see it.  Believe me, you have never seen anything close to this amazing showcase of Black intellectual power and personification.  Academic leaders as well as the bright minds in medical research are on hand to recruit the top Black medical science minds in the nation at this fantastic medical event.  Sponsored by the Minority Health Professions Foundation and the Association of Minority Health Professions Schools, this is a national happening that truely showed the brilliance and professionalism of Black medical science students preparing to excel in the sciences at the next level in the 21st century.  Black students really and truely represented excellence to the fullest!  I felt a strong, vibrant positive enery all through the building at the event that said loud and clear, "I'm here!"

 Total Run Time:  Approximately 60 minutes

Special Features

Introduction to great DVD titles in the Trailer

Introduction to great DVD medical science titles in the Trailer

13 minutes of Extra DVD film clips

DVD segments of the largest DVD Series ever in America covering Black America


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Medical Science Careers

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