One Doctor:  Daniel Hale Williams
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The first to operate on the human heart is African American surgeon Dr. Daniel Hale Williams.  This the first profile ever on Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a Black doctor who is the first person to successfully operate on the human heart.  This program covers his incredible achievement and many more accomplishments by Dr. Williams, regarded as one of the greatest doctors ever.  You will find out many vital information about Dr. Williams, including how he started the first hospital to care for Black people because the reace was excluded from treatment at white hospitals.  You will also be exposed to the creation of the first training facilities for Black doctors and nurses established by Dr. Williams.  Favorable national reviews in Science Books and Films.

Total Run Time:  Approximately 113 minutes


30 minutes of Extra Programs

Introduction to more great programs in the Trailer

First ever releases in the Trailer

Largest Independent DVD Series in the nation



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One Doctor: Daniel Hale Williams

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