Ralph Ellison:  The Self-Taught Writer
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World renowned African American writer Ralph Ellison is featured.  Ralph Ellison:  The Self Taught Writer vividly recounts the rough road from poverty to fame for writer Ralph Ellison.  This program covers Ellison's life from his early yers growing up in a segregated society in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the turn of the 20th century, the many challenges he hurdled to learn how to write and his vault to fame.  Ellison's ability to relate the struggle of African Americans faced in a racially polarized country in his moving novel INVISIBLE MAN made him nationally famous.  His great determination to be recognized as a writer is told.

Special Features

First ever programs in the Trailer

Celebrity Endorsement

Includes Previews of great releases

Meet the Producer

Total Run Time:  Approximately 45 minutes

Writer, Proucer & Director - Rex B., King of Docs

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Ralph Ellison: The Self-Taught Writer

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