Shirley Chisolm:  The Leader
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World famous political figure Shirley Chisolm is profiled.  The program covers the life and amazing career of the first African American woman elected to Congress, Shirley Chisolm.  See her speak at events and interviews that capture her leadership qualities that made her one of the leading political figures of her era in American politics.  "I am unbought and unbossed!" said Cong. Chisolm.  The political legend's story details all of the major moments and milestones from her early years and throughout her career in Congress and Presidential candidate.  Cong. John Lewis offers his keen insight into one of the most charismatic political figures to burst onto the national political scene in decades.


Trailers of the Series

25 minutes of extra programs

First ever DVDS in the Trailer

Total Run Tme:  Approximately 60 minutes

Writer, Producer, Director - Rex B., KING of DOCS


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Shirley Chisolm: The Leader

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