Vegetarian Diet
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More people are turning to organic natural foods and holistic health care to stay healthy. This is very evidentby the hundreds of people attending this Vegetarian Food Fair in Atlanta, Georgia.  Vegetarian chefs and vegan restaurant owners prepare tasty foods and offer delicious free samples.  Chefs go a step further by showing you how their vegan meals are prepared so you can do it yourself at home.  Also in the program, an expert in massage therapy gives real demonstrations with clients to show the huge benefits of therapeutic massage for relaxation andstress reduction.  For improved health, an expert in colonics cleansing discusses the huge health benefits of this effective medical treatment.

Total Run Time:  Approximately 70 minutes

   Special Features

25 minutes of Extra programs

Meet the Producer

First Ever DVDS in the Trailer

More health science programs in the Trailer

Previews of more DVDS in the Series

Writer, Producer, Director & Editor - Rex B., KING of DOCS



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Vegetarian Diet

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